Product Description

This set includes the following:

  • one bus base
  • one bus top
  • two cars
  • one trailer

The Abandoned Vehicles Set: Echoes of a World Once Mobile

Theme/Setting & Unique Features:
Unveil the poignant remnants of a world that once thrived with The Abandoned Vehicles Set. Each piece, from the hollowed-out bus to the forsaken cars and the desolate caravan, tells a tale of yesteryears. Comprising 4 distinct wrecks, this set not only adds depth to your gaming landscape but also provides strategic elements, serving both as scatter and blocking terrain that can change the dynamics of any skirmish.

Material & Paintability:
Using top-tier 3D printing technology and crafted with premium PLA filament, these vehicle relics boast impressive detail, showcasing the wear and tear of the apocalypse. And they're not just static pieces; they're canvases. Their easily paintable surfaces allow gamers to breathe life into these remnants, capturing rust, decay, or perhaps remnants of colors from a world gone by.

While The Abandoned Vehicles Set is rich in intricacy and story, its assembly remains straightforward. Designed for simplicity, it ensures that you spend more time strategizing around these vehicular husks than putting them together.

Whether you're navigating the wastelands of Fallout Wasteland Warfare, surviving the challenges of This is Not a Test, or orchestrating battles in Marvel Crisis Protocol, these vehicles seamlessly fit. Elevate your roleplaying game scenarios or miniature wargames with these adaptable terrains, promising a harmonious blend with myriad gaming narratives.

Final Thought:
Imagine a desolate landscape punctuated by these silent witnesses of time. A caravan that once housed wanderers, cars that echoed with laughter, and a bus that saw countless journeys. With The Abandoned Vehicles Set, you don't just get terrain pieces, you inherit stories, challenges, and strategic vantage points that beckon to be explored in your post-apocalyptic endeavors.

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