Product Description

This terrain set includes:

  • six columns
  • one pier
  • two curved walls
  • one tunnel wall
  • one curved steps piece
  • one wall steps piece
  • three straight wall pieces in small, medium, and large
  • one wall with drainage
  • one canal wall with bollards

Immerse yourself in a world where every detail matters. Crafted from premium PLA filament, The Arcanist's Stone Canal Walls offer unparalleled detail, taking your miniature wargaming experience to new heights. Eager to add your personal touch? These intricately designed pieces are easily paintable, allowing you to create a fantasy realm that's uniquely yours.

Unlock your realm's full potential in minutes. Your set arrives with minimal assembly required, so you can quickly construct a labyrinth of waterways fit for epic battles and intricate role-playing scenarios.

The seamless integration you've been searching for—this set is meticulously designed for universal compatibility. Whether you're adventuring through dungeons in Dungeons and Dragons, deploying troops in Age of Sigmar, or caught in the frozen tundra of Skyrim - Call to Arms, these canal walls will become an essential part of your landscape. The set harmonizes perfectly with Arcanist's Stone Bridge, and it's aesthetically designed to complement the Arcanist’s Tower and Arcanist’s Stone Walls, offering you limitless possibilities for expanding your fantasy terrain.

  • Elevate your role-playing game and miniature wargames with dynamic, 3D printed terrain.
  • A perfect match for various game settings including Warhammer Fantasy, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, Conquest, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Warmachine and Hordes.
  • Construct your dream realm with a collection that's both premium in quality and extraordinarily detailed, yet effortlessly simple to assemble.

Imagine your heroes traversing these ancient, mystical canal walls as they seek hidden treasure or battle dark forces. Imagine your troops fortified behind these ancient stone barriers. Imagine the thrill of your audience as they witness your tabletop world become alive, more vivid than ever.

The Arcanist's Stone Canal Walls are not just pieces on a board; they're the gateways to worlds untold.

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