Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • one bell tower with stairs base piece
  • one sept base piece
  • one bell
  • seven stackable bell tower level pieces

As a cornerstone of the expansive Ruined Church Set, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept introduces players to the haunting majesty of the Shadowfey Ruins. This 3D printable terrain piece offers tabletop gamers an eerie backdrop as they explore a realm of ancient faiths and lurking mysteries. Designed with immaculate attention to detail, this piece captures the somber aura of a sanctum lost to time and misfortune.

Artistic Details:
At a glance, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept reveals a once-grand structure beaten down by the forces of nature and the passage of time. Fallen beams, scattered rubble, and creeping ivy testify to the ceaseless work of entropy, while also offering a rich, textured setting that cries out for investigation. The artistry lavished on this piece ensures that it will catch the eye and stoke the imagination.

Mechanics & Gameplay:
Utilizing a Modular Stacking Ruins system, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept can be set at various heights, giving you flexibility in designing your battlefield or exploration site. Each floor of the tower is designed to accommodate 28mm miniatures, allowing for dynamic encounters and intriguing strategic considerations. The ruins can serve as an advantageous vantage point, a hideout, or the epicenter of a shadowy ritual.

Scale & Compatibility:
Scaled for 28-32mm miniatures, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept aligns well with a variety of tabletop RPGs and wargames. As part of the Ruined Church Set, it offers seamless integration with future elements, promising an ever-expanding playground for your imagination.

Narrative Potential:
Whether your adventurers are seeking lost relics, battling denizens of the Shadowfey, or solving cryptic puzzles, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept sets the stage for quests steeped in mystique and danger. Its haunting visage can serve as a critical landmark, a place of hidden lore, or even a battleground where the stakes are nothing less than the soul itself.

A masterpiece of thematic design, the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept is not just another terrain piece—it's a narrative focal point. With its lifelike details and modular design, it offers players a richly layered environment that evolves with the unfolding drama of their quests. In the world of the Shadowfey, echoes of the past still ring through these shattered halls, promising rewards and risks for those bold enough to listen.

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