Product Description


The Burgomaster's Office is a richly detailed set designed to bring an extra layer of depth to your tabletop wargames and role-playing experiences. Once a symbol of power and governance, now it stands as a grim testament to the ravages of time, war, or perhaps darker things. The building comes with multiple levels, making it not just a spectacular centerpiece but also a functional piece of terrain offering a variety of strategic possibilities.


  • Multi-Level Gameplay: With multiple floors and accessible interiors, this ruin offers tactical depth. Characters can take cover within the building or gain a height advantage from its upper levels.

  • Modular Design: Using a modular ruins system, this set allows you to configure the Burgomaster’s Office in various states of decay or even break it down into smaller ruin sections, providing excellent replayability.

  • Historical or Fantasy Settings: The architecture is versatile enough to be a fitting addition to various game settings, from historical sieges to high-fantasy battles.

Gameplay Implications:

  • Strategic Depth: Players will have to think vertically and consider line-of-sight and cover opportunities the building provides.

  • Objective-Based Scenarios: The building could serve as a key strategic point to capture, or perhaps as a place where crucial NPCs are hiding or imprisoned.

  • Roleplay Opportunities: For RPGs, this could be the setting for important story elements, like finding crucial documents, or confronting a corrupt official still lurking in the ruins.


The Burgomaster’s Office set is designed for ease of assembly, letting you quickly put together the ruined office or dismantle it into various configurations thanks to its modular nature.


The set is designed to be compatible with other terrain pieces using the modular ruins system. This makes it easy to incorporate the Burgomaster's Office into a larger, more complex battlefield or gaming environment.

Final Thoughts:

The Burgomaster's Office is a terrain piece that combines aesthetic allure with functional design. Its ruins tell a story of a fallen world, yet its tactical possibilities offer a fresh set of challenges and opportunities for gamers. Whether you're commanding armies in a grand battle or leading adventurers on a quest for lost relics, this set adds a layer of complexity and narrative depth that will enrich any gaming session.

This terrain set includes the following:

  • one office base bottom
  • one office base top
  • one level one bottom
  • one level one top
  • one main roof
  • one tower roof
  • one clock
  • two ruined piece bottoms
  • two ruined piece tops

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