Product Description

This terrain comes with:

  • one cargo plane entrance, unpainted

The Cargo Plane Entrance: A Relic Reimagined

Theme/Setting & Unique Features:
Dive deep into the lore of the post-apocalyptic realm with The Cargo Plane Entrance. Expertly designed, this piece isn’t just an entrance; it's a testament to a world that once was, now repurposed for survival and strategic dominance. Combined seamlessly with the Junkfort Ramparts and Bastions, this set lets you craft formidable junk forts, bringing a rich narrative texture to your games.

Material & Paintability:
Fabricated using high-quality 3D printers and premium PLA filament, the terrain piece boasts intricate details that capture the essence of a world reclaimed by nature and survivors. Its surface is primed for creativity, ensuring it's easily paintable; breathe life into it with your colors, furthering its unique story in your tabletop universe.

While the terrain piece exudes complexity in design, its assembly remains straightforward. Some assembly is required upon arrival, but rest assured, the process is intuitive and simple, ensuring you can get right into strategizing and playing.

Crafted with the discerning gamer in mind, The Cargo Plane Entrance is fully compatible with games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol. Whether you're delving into a roleplaying game or immersed in miniature wargames, this piece effortlessly enhances the visual and strategic landscape of your game setting.

Final Thought:
Imagine your miniature combatants navigating the challenges of a rugged post-apocalyptic world, using the cargo plane remnants as cover, vantage points, or strategic chokeholds. This isn't just terrain; it's an invitation to a narrative waiting to be explored. Dive into a world of strategy and story with The Cargo Plane Entrance.

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