Product Description

The Desert Shanty set comes with the following unpainted pieces:

  • main floor
  • second floor
  • roof
  • door

The Desert Shanty: Your Oasis Amidst the Apocalypse

Theme & Setting:
Journey into the heart of the desolate landscapes with the Desert Shanty. Rising amidst the sands, this dwelling stands as a testament to resilience in a world shaped by post apocalyptic and sci-fi events. With its hinged doors that whisper tales of survivors, multiple stories echoing the high and lows of a forgotten era, and removable roofs that unveil the drama within, this building brings every game scenario to vivid life.

Material & Detail Level:
Crafted with care using top-grade PLA filament, the shanty showcases an astounding attention to detail. From the sun-weathered textures to the architectural nuances reminiscent of a time long gone, this 3D printed terrain promises not just authenticity but also a depth of narrative.

A canvas awaiting your artistry, The Desert Shanty welcomes you to recreate the rugged charm of desert life or paint tales of futuristic civilizations. With every texture and detail serving as an invitation, your paints and brushes will find a playground like no other.

Designed with the gamer's convenience in mind, the assembly is straightforward and intuitive. Dive into your next roleplaying game or miniature wargame session in no time, with the shanty setting the scene.

Engineered for seamless integration, this evocative terrain piece is compatible with renowned titles such as Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Envision the silent battles, whispered secrets, and countless strategies that unfold within and around the Desert Shanty. In the vast expanse of desolation, it stands as a beacon, beckoning adventurers and survivors alike, promising stories that linger long after the game ends.

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