Product Description

Base (or rebase) all of your fantasy miniatures and skip the annoying step of adding sand with these 3D printable square desert bases.

All of these bases are designed for resin and FDM printers and come unsupported.

Included sizes:

  • 25mm x 25mm (Infantry)
  • 25mm x 50mm (Light Calvary)
  • 25mm x 100mm (Fancy Embellishments)
  • 30mm x 30mm (Heavy Infantry)
  • 30mm x 60mm (Heavy Calvary)
  • 40mm x 60mm (Small Monsters)
  • 40mm x 40mm (Monstrous Infantry)
  • 50mm x 50mm (Medium Monsters / Warmachines)
  • 50mm x 75mm (Medium Monsters / Warmachines)
  • 50mm x 100mm (Light Chariots)
  • 60mm x 100mm (Heavy Chariots / Monsters)
  • 100mm x 150mm (Behemoths)

Designed by James Douvinos

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