Product Description

The Fastcallion Fort and Shop: A Wandering Bastion of Trade and Defense

Material & Detail Level: Step into the immersive world of The Fastcallion Fort and Shop, a marvel intricately 3D printed with high-quality PLA filament. With precision in every nook, corner, and crevice, this fort stands as a testament to masterful design and impeccable detailing.

Paintability: A canvas of adventure awaits your brush. From the towering fortifications to the bustling shop stalls, The Fastcallion Fort and Shop is primed for your artistic touch. Infuse colors of your choice to breathe life into this fantasy 3D printed terrain, reflecting the vibrancy of a thriving marketplace.

Assembly: With modular design at its core, this model offers easy-to-assemble pieces that seamlessly stack together, crafting the majestic wandering fort and shop. Personalize your setup with the included shop bundles, placing them strategically across the terrain for an ever-evolving landscape. Notably, this model is an extension to the Fastcallion Crawling.

Compatibility: The Fastcallion Fort and Shop is an unparalleled addition to your roleplaying game or miniature wargames arsenal. Perfectly compatible with gaming giants like Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, Conquest, A Song of Ice and Fire, Skyrim - Call to Arms, and Warmachine and Hordes.

Theme & Unique Features: Journey to the heart of commerce and defense with The Fastcallion Fort and Shop. Envision a bustling marketplace within fortified walls, where tales of heroism and commerce intertwine. As part of the larger Fastcallion narrative, this model seamlessly integrates with the Fastcallion head and lower body from the Fastcallion Crawling set.

Dive deep into a realm where forts are not just static structures, but wandering entities of might and trade. Let The Fastcallion Fort and Shop be the centerpiece of your next epic gaming saga.

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