Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • Feywild Cabin trunk piece
  • Feywild Cabin level 1 piece
  • two Feywild Cabin roof pieces
  • one branch
  • two chimney pieces
  • two cabin doors
  • one eaves pieces


The Feywild Cabin is a spellbinding 3D printable building, designed to elevate your tabletop wargames and role-playing sessions to fantastical heights. Structured as a whimsical treehouse with multiple levels, this terrain piece is ideal for fantasy settings, where the veil between the mortal realm and the enchanted Feywild is thin.

Artistic Details:

Inspired by the mythical qualities of the Feywild, the cabin is lavishly designed to feature hinged doors, multiple levels, and a removable roof. All these elements combine to create an environment rich in magical ambiance, perfect for encounters with mystical creatures, clandestine meetings, or epic battles.

Functionality & Compatibility:

What sets this cabin apart is its practical design. The hinged doors and removable branch and roof make it easy to place 28mm miniatures and set up intricate scenarios. Whether you’re laying out an ambush or having a diplomatic parley, the Feywild Cabin offers endless possibilities.

Gameplay Impact:

The multilevel structure of the cabin adds complexity to gameplay, offering various tactical options for both players and game masters. Use the higher levels as vantage points for archers, or employ the hidden corners for rogue ambushes. The treehouse design also lends itself well to magical and aerial combat, creating a truly three-dimensional battle environment.

Narrative Potential:

Nestled within the enchanted Feywild, this cabin could serve as the residence of a wise sage, a mischievous sprite, or even a fugitive on the run from more mundane lands. Its detailed design makes it easy to integrate into various story arcs—perhaps it’s a place of sanctuary, a location for a critical quest item, or the home of an NPC who could turn the tide in an ongoing campaign.


For those looking to bring a touch of the mystical and the marvelous to their tabletop games, the Feywild Cabin is an invaluable asset. Combining detailed artistry with functional design, it's a must-have for anyone looking to make their gaming sessions as immersive and enchanting as the realms they're set in.

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