Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • one Feywild Cottage tree trunk
  • one Feywild Cottage cabin level
  • one Feywild Cottage roof
  • two cottage doors
  • two tree branches
  • one cottage ladder


If the whispers of the forest and the secrets of the Feywild beckon to you, look no further than the Feywild Cottage. Perfectly nestled among ethereal tree branches, this 3D-printable abode sets the stage for grand quests, cunning skirmishes, and magical stories in your tabletop role-playing games and wargames.


  • Hinged Doors: The cottage comes with fully functional doors, easily swinging open and closed for dynamic gameplay and increased immersion.

  • Multi-level Gameplay: The Feywild Cottage isn't just a one-story dwelling; it offers multiple levels of play area to bring complexity and strategic depth to your encounters.

  • Removable Roof & Ladder: With a removable roof, you can easily access the interior for precise miniature placement. The detachable ladder offers additional ways to enter and exit the cottage.

Gameplay Implications:

  • Strategic Depth: The multiple levels add new layers of tactical planning. Players must think vertically when navigating their characters or planning their attacks.

  • Interactive Environment: The removable roof and functional doors mean the environment can adapt as the situation evolves, enabling more dynamic and interactive gameplay.

  • Narrative Opportunities: Whether it's a hermit’s retreat, a fairy hideaway, or a warrior’s rest, the Feywild Cottage opens up an array of storytelling possibilities.

Final Thoughts:

For players and dungeon masters seeking to add a slice of the Feywild's enchantment to their games, the Feywild Cottage offers an ideal blend of aesthetic charm and practical gameplay features. Step into this mystical abode and let your adventures unfold in a setting as magical as the stories you'll create.

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