Product Description

This terrain set comes with four stair cases wrapped around trees.

The Stair Walkways: Ascend to New Heights

Material & Paintability: Expertly modeled with premium-grade PLA filament, The Stair Walkways invite paintbrush enthusiasts to cover each step and edge with intricate colors and shades. Their pronounced details, from the weathered treads to the handcrafted railings, are a canvas waiting for a touch of artistry.

Detail Level: Bridging the gap between the ground and higher elevations, these stair walkways have been intricately designed to echo authenticity. Each step tells a story, worn from the countless souls who've climbed to seek shelter or strategy atop towering structures.

Assembly: Precision-cut and interlocking designs ensure that The Stair Walkways assemble effortlessly. The promise is simple: to bring higher dimensions of your battlefield or urban setting into play without any fuss.

Compatibility: The Stair Walkways have been envisioned to perfectly integrate with a range of tabletop environments. These walkways give your miniatures the strategic elevation they need.

Theme/Setting: Envision a bustling marketplace, with traders shouting their wares below, while covert conversations happen on the balcony above, or a defending army preparing on the upper echelons of a fortress, looking down on approaching invaders. The Stair Walkways not only offer tactical positioning but also breathe life into layered stories, enabling encounters at multiple vertical levels.

With The Stair Walkways, your narratives take on a vertical dimension, adding depth and layers to every unfolding tale.

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