Product Description

This terrain set includes:

  • seven fence pieces
  • one gate with fence piece

The Garden Fences: Boundaries with Character

Material & Paintability: Embracing the authenticity of the Hagglethorn Hollow universe, The Garden Fences are meticulously 3D printed using top-notch PLA filament. The wicker-style textures not only provide a natural feel but also serve as an inviting canvas for hobbyists to explore their painting talents on.

Detail Level: Every strand and weave in the Garden Fences speaks of the dedication to recreate a lifelike wicker design. It captures the essence of age-old craftsmanship, making every corner and curve a testament to intricate artistry.

Assembly: Smooth interlocking mechanisms have been incorporated into these fences, ensuring a hassle-free setup. You can almost hear the soft rustle of wicker as each piece fits perfectly, bringing the fences to life on your gaming table.

Compatibility: The Garden Fences are the silent allies that complement various elements from the Hagglethorn Hollow series. Whether you're placing them next to the Common Gardens, accessorizing with the Gardening Tools, or setting the backdrop for the Oxen Enclosure, they fit seamlessly, enhancing the ambiance of every scene.

Theme/Setting: Imagine a sun-kissed morning in the heart of Hagglethorn Hollow, where the air is filled with the earthy scent of freshly plowed fields. The Garden Fences stand as the guardians of cherished gardens, separating plots of land yet uniting the narrative of the land. They aren't just barriers but storytellers that echo the sounds, secrets, and tales of Hagglethorn Hollow.

Step into a realm where fences do more than just mark territories. With The Garden Fences, you're not just adding boundaries, but depth, character, and soul to your adventures.

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