Product Description

Unleash the storyteller in you with the Hexton Hills Highland Expedition Bundle. This package, complete with 48 impressively detailed 3D printed hex tiles, allows you to create a vast, engaging, and captivating tabletop map. It combines the thrilling adventures of "New Horizons" and "The Final Chapter" into a single, convenient bundle.

With tiles featuring everything from ominous mountain lairs to quiet farmsteads, you can weave a narrative filled with bandits, shipwrecks, forts, towns, and the ultimate mountaintop challenge. The pack includes a range of tiles for diverse environments like cliffs, oceans, plains, hills, and woodlands, ensuring you can craft the perfect setting for your adventures.

This comprehensive set includes the following tiles:

  • 1 Farm Tile
  • 1 Bandit Camp Tile
  • 1 Fortune Teller Tile
  • 1 Mountain Lair Tile
  • 5 Various Mountain Tiles
  • 3 Ocean Tiles
  • 1 Ship Wreck Tile
  • 2 Various Plains and Hills Tiles
  • 1 Clay Pit Tile
  • 1 River Tile
  • 1 Waterfall Tile
  • 13 Various Road Tiles
  • 1 Lonely Homestead Tile
  • 8 Various Cliff Tiles
  • 1 Coastal Connection Tile
  • 1 Fort Tile
  • 1 Town Tile
  • 5 Woodland Tiles

With the Hexton Hills Highland Expedition Bundle, you're not just buying game accessories - you're unlocking a world of endless adventure and immersive storytelling.

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