Product Description

Send your adventurers on an epic journey into the Realms of Midworld, a map-building hex-tile expansion to the Hexton Hills collection inspired by the fantasy world of Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Included in this pre-printed set are 8 specialist tiles:

  • Mordrakon's Spire (Evil Wizard's Tower)
  • Andugard A and B (Ruined River Town)
  • Hillhaven (Horsemen Settlement)
  • Ironspire Citadel (The Other Evil Wizard's Tower)
  • Stoneguard Keep A and B (Fortified Keep)
  • Caelindor (City In a Mountain)
  • Necrosanct Bastion (Evil Wight's City)
  • Obsidian Gateway (A Gate that is Black if you paint it that way...)

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