Product Description

This set comes with:

  • one building base with a garage entrance and serving counter
  • one building roof with signage
  • one door

The Junkfood Franchise: Savor Tales of Desolation

Theme & Setting:
In a world twisted by post apocalyptic aftermaths and interwoven with sci-fi chronicles, The Junkfood Franchise stands tall. Once a bustling hub of flavor and gatherings, it now serves as a haunting relic of past indulgences. As its hinged doors creak open to unveil forgotten tales, the setting is primed for adventurers to explore its mysterious nooks.

Material & Detail Level:
Meticulously shaped using premium PLA filament, this 3D printed terrain piece showcases unmatched attention to detail. From the worn-out billboards to the retro-styled architecture of the franchise, every element resonates with stories waiting to be told.

The Junkfood Franchise offers a palette for the imagination. Its textured surfaces are ripe for painting, allowing gamers to shade it with tints of nostalgia or dyes of a dystopian future, adding depth and character to every game session.

Gamers will appreciate the effortless assembly options of The Junkfood Franchise. With its hinged doors and removable roofs, the structure can be customized to fit the unique narratives of different campaigns, ensuring each game is a distinct experience.

Exquisitely tailored for the worlds of Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol, this building sets the perfect backdrop, immersing players into a scene that’s equal parts intriguing and eerie.

Dive into tales of intrigue and exploration with The Junkfood Franchise. From ghostly whispers of its last orders to the potential alien tech concealed within, every game around this structure promises a feast of thrilling narratives.

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