Product Description

This set comes with:

  • three unpainted junk yard barricades
  • eight unpainted junk yard fences

Junkfort Barricades and Fences Set: Frontier Wasteland Defenses

Theme/Setting & Unique Features:
Survival in the post-apocalyptic world demands tactical defenses. The Junkfort Barricades and Fences Set is the embodiment of this very ethos, presenting players with 11 raw, rugged pieces that echo the resourcefulness of a world reborn from ruin. Mismatched planks, sheet metal, rusted chains, and remnants of the old world come together to form this patchwork perimeter. The mismatched, yet purposeful, appearance truly captures the spirit of a makeshift defense against unknown dangers.

Material & Paintability:
Crafted with premium PLA filament, each barricade and fence piece holds a trove of detailed features. Scorches, weathering, rust, and remnants of paint from a world long gone - all these are intricately carved onto every piece. And they're a canvas for you. Whether you wish to maintain the grim, raw appearance or add splashes of post-apocalyptic gangs' colors and symbols, these pieces will retain every drop of detail.

While the aesthetics are wild and unhinged, the assembly is a breeze. Designed for ease of play, the set pieces fit together effortlessly, allowing players to quickly change the layout and adapt their defenses based on the game's needs.

Ideal for games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired tabletops, This is Not a Test, and other post-apocalyptic scenarios, these barricades and fences can transform any game setting. Acting as both tactical cover and strategic choke points, these pieces accentuate the challenges of surviving in a desolate world.

Final Thought:
When civilization crumbles, survival necessitates improvisation. The Junkfort Barricades and Fences Set is a testament to this adage, a nod to mankind's unyielding spirit. The past might be in tatters, but even in its disarray, it offers protection for the present. Strategize, role-play, and journey through narratives where the very walls echo tales of resilience.

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