Product Description

All of our tokens, in one convenient pack!  And our objective markers too... :)

Now you can track almost anything!  Have a buff on a unit, we've got a token for that!

Need to show that a unit is on overwatch?  We've got you covered!

Included in this bundle are tokens for the following:

  • Defense (like All Out Defense)
  • Bless
  • Hour Glass (for Holding, or Finest Hour)
  • Magic Missile (like Arcane Bolt)
  • Magic Shield (like Mystic Shield)
  • Bullets (Overwatch perhaps?)
  • Axes (like All Out Attack)
  • Heroic Pose
  • Morale Tokens
  • Objective Markers

Printed Version:  Included is a set of 40 printed tokens printed in the colors shown in the image, including 6 Objective Markers, 10 Morale Tokens, and 3 of everything else.

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