Product Description

Welcome to Murder Row, a meticulously crafted, 11-piece modular terrain set that breathes life into your tabletop battles and roleplaying adventures. Inspired by the gritty cityscapes that are the stomping grounds of the urban underclass, this set offers unparalleled flexibility and realism for your games.

Manufactured with premium PLA filament, each piece is 3D printed to perfection. You won't just see cobblestone streets; you'll almost feel the weathered stones beneath your miniatures. From crumbling walls to dilapidated windows, the intricate details beg for a closer look.

Unleash your creativity on a canvas that's ready for your artistry. These terrain pieces are primed to take on paints, washes, and dry brushing with ease. Bring Murder Row to life with hues and shades that reflect the atmosphere of your gameplay.

Simple yet engaging, expect some assembly upon arrival that even novices will find straightforward. Stack, arrange, and secure the pieces to tailor the battlefield to your specific scenario.

Why settle for static scenery when you can customize? The set's innovative design lets you replicate the middle two levels, allowing for structures as towering or as compact as your storyline requires. Add an extra layer of strategy by manipulating the very battlefield your characters tread upon.

A versatile masterpiece, Murder Row effortlessly integrates with a range of games. Whether you're deploying your forces in Age of Sigmar, exploring cities in Dungeons and Dragons, or engaging in skirmishes in Frostgrave, this set complements them all. It's also fully compatible with Warhammer Fantasy, Pathfinder, Conquest, A Song of Ice and Fire, Skyrim - Call to Arms, Warmachine and Hordes.

Pair Murder Row with the Ruined Gatehouse and Ruined Quarter sets to transform your tabletop into a sprawling, intricate urban landscape. The potential for breathtaking, multi-level engagements is limited only by your imagination.

Imagine stepping into an evolving world, where every decision you make is reflected in the very terrain. With Murder Row, you're not just playing a game; you're creating a living, breathing universe on your tabletop.

Step into a world of fantasy and strategy, where the terrain is as dynamic as your gameplay. Murder Row isn’t just another set of 3D printed terrain; it's an investment in endless adventure.

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