Product Description

Bearing all the hallmarks of quaint countryside living, the Perfectly Normal House is a 3D printable Tudor-style cottage designed for tabletop wargames and role-playing games. At a glance, it's an inviting sanctuary—a place adventurers might consider a safe haven. But is it really as "normal" as it appears?

Artistic Details:
This Tudor-style cottage offers intricate detailing, from timber-framed exteriors to charming elements like a hinged door and a removable roof. These subtle touches of craftsmanship make the terrain piece visually compelling, allowing for a deeper sense of immersion in the game world.

Mechanics & Gameplay:
Practical features like a hinged door and removable roof allow for easy access to the interior, offering plenty of room to place 28mm miniatures. Whether it serves as an adventurers' temporary hideout or the locale for a crucial negotiation scene, the Perfectly Normal House offers functional versatility. What really sets it apart, though, is its capability to transform into the Mimic House. It serves as the ultimate bait, luring players into a false sense of security before the trap is sprung.

Scale & Compatibility:
Perfectly scaled for 28-32mm miniatures, this house is compatible with a wide range of tabletop games. Even better, it's designed to pair seamlessly with the Mimic House, allowing for jaw-dropping reveals that players won't see coming.

Narrative Potential:
On its own, the Perfectly Normal House can serve as the backdrop for countless storylines—an innocent homestead under threat, a mysterious location harboring hidden secrets, or perhaps the residence of an important NPC. When paired with the Mimic House, however, it gains an added layer of narrative complexity, setting the stage for shocking turns of events that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

More than just a static terrain piece, the Perfectly Normal House is an exercise in storytelling duality. As part of a larger game setup, it serves both as a picturesque, functional building and the first half of a terrifying reveal when switched with the Mimic House. Whether it's offering a tranquil scene or setting up for a horrifying reveal, this house is anything but "normal."

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