Product Description

Billboards and Signs Set: Advertisements from the Apocalypse

Theme/Setting & Unique Features:
Navigate the wastelands with the echoes of civilization guiding your path! The Billboards and Signs Set brilliantly encapsulates a world that once buzzed with life, now presenting decaying advertisements and forgotten directions. This set, comprising 2 ravaged billboards and 5 derelict road signs, delivers a haunting scene.

Material & Paintability:
Meticulously 3D printed with high-quality PLA filament, every billboard and sign boasts exceptional detail, accentuating the marks of time and desolation. Beyond just being detailed, these terrain pieces are your blank canvas. Their surfaces are primed for painting, allowing gamers to infuse them with colors of decay, graffiti, or remnants of once-vibrant advertisements.

Designed for your convenience, the Billboards and Signs Set is as straightforward as it is immersive. Its intuitive assembly ensures you're quickly engrossed in the game, maneuvering around these remnants of the past rather than fumbling with complex set-ups.

Perfectly designed for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol, these signs and billboards also enhance the thrill of Mad Max-inspired racing games, bringing a tangible touch of nostalgia and decay to your gaming world. Their versatility ensures they can seamlessly integrate into various post-apocalyptic and modern gaming scenarios, enhancing the depth of your roleplaying game or miniature wargames.

Final Thought:
Imagine the remnants of a bustling world, with advertisements beckoning consumers and signs directing the masses. Now, they stand as silent guardians of a desolate world, their messages lost, yet their presence profoundly felt. With the Billboards and Signs Set, your gaming landscape receives more than mere terrain – it gets remnants of tales, last directions, and the enthralling chaos that epitomizes a post-apocalyptic universe.

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