Product Description

This terrain set comes in two pieces, and includes:

  • the Ruined Fishing Boat cabin/base level
  • the Ruined Fishing Boat deck/top level

The Ruined Fishing Boat: Drift into Tales of Yore

Theme & Setting:
Anchored in the annals of a world altered by post apocalyptic and sci-fi forces, The Ruined Fishing Boat stands as a silent witness to countless tales that once thrived amidst the waves. A ghost of its former glory, this scatter terrain piece, with its weathered deck and sun-bleached roof, whispers stories of fishermen, dystopian pirates, and adventures that span galaxies.

Material & Detail Level:
Crafted using the finest PLA filament, this 3D printed terrain epitomizes detail. Every plank, every dent, and every mark on The Ruined Fishing Boat evokes a sense of realism, catapulting players deep into the ambiance of the setting they're navigating.

With The Ruined Fishing Boat, you're not just obtaining a piece of terrain; you're gaining a canvas. Whether it's the moss-covered hulls or the rusted remnants of the boat's heydays, paint this relic with hues of history or tints of tomorrow, amplifying its aesthetic allure.

Keeping the avid gamer in mind, the terrain piece comes with a removable deck and roof, facilitating ease of assembly. Simple, quick, and hassle-free, players can immerse themselves in their roleplaying game or miniature wargame with vivid settings in no time.

Perfectly poised to complement the terrain of games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol, this boat ensures your gameplay is both visually and contextually immersive.

Let your imagination set sail with The Ruined Fishing Boat. Navigate the tumultuous waters of the apocalypse or explore interstellar waterways. Amidst the debris and desolation, there's a narrative waiting to be unearthed, one turn at a time.

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