Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • one East Wing base bottom level
  • one East Wing base top level
  • one level 1 bottom level
  • one level 1 top level
  • one level 1 side building
  • one side building roof
  • one roof level bottom
  • one roof level top
  • one large roof for the main structure
  • one small roof for the main structure
  • one short ladder
  • one tall ladder


The Ruined Gatehouse: East Wing stands as a stoic reminder of a once grand past, now marred by time, battle, and decay. This versatile 3D printable terrain piece breathes life into the tales of kingdoms long forgotten, the tumultuous wars they fought, and the people who walked its halls.

Detail and Craftsmanship: The East Wing is a marvel in miniature terrain design. Its remnants are a showcase of master craftsmanship, with every crumbled wall, broken window, and ivy-covered stone telling its own silent story. With the modular stacking system, each layer reveals a new chapter of its history, and the accessibility of removing levels ensures that every nook and cranny can become a part of your gameplay.

Functionality and Gameplay: One of the standout features of the East Wing is its functionality for players. The modular system allows for dynamic gameplay, letting players tailor their experience. Whether used as a strategic high ground, a place of refuge, or the backdrop for a dramatic confrontation, the East Wing brings depth and dynamism to every encounter.

Moreover, with the option to integrate it seamlessly with the Central Gate and West Wing, the potential scales from a singular, evocative terrain piece to an expansive and grandiose set, fit for any climactic battle or exploration.

Compatibility: Crafted for a spectrum of tabletop wargames and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and Pathfinder, the East Wing provides an immersive environment that caters to diverse narratives and strategic gameplay.

The Ruined Gatehouse: East Wing is more than just a terrain piece; it's a canvas for storytellers, a strategic asset for tacticians, and a gateway into tales of old. Through its walls, let your adventures unravel the mysteries of the past and forge stories for the ages.

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