Product Description

The Ruined Kings Round Tower: A Symbol of Regal Resilience

Material & Detail Level: Impeccably crafted using superior PLA filament, The Ruined Kings Round Tower is an embodiment of high-quality 3D printing mastery. Its shattered pinnacle and the meticulously designed rubble base exude both the splendor and the desolation inherent in every roleplaying game or miniature wargame.

Design & Features: Immerse yourself in a saga of glory and destruction. This four-story tower, once a testament to royal grandeur, now stands with its summit broken, a remnant of battles fought. Perfect for a mid-battle swap with the Kings Round Tower, its design provides tactical and narrative depth to every game. The tower isn't just a visual spectacle; each level detaches seamlessly, revealing an intricate interior. Moreover, the second floor comes with an alternate version, free of doors, providing gamers with more strategic choices.

Assembly: The Ruined Kings Round Tower isn't merely an exquisite terrain piece; it's user-centric. The detachable levels ensure easy access to the tower's innards, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Paintability: From its jagged zenith to the debris-strewn base, every inch of this tower beckons for artistic expression. Painters will revel in the opportunity to either restore its bygone magnificence or further emphasize its battle-worn demeanor.

Compatibility: Elevate your game, whether you're venturing through Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, Conquest, A Song of Ice and Fire, Skyrim - Call to Arms, or Warmachine and Hordes, with this versatile and dynamic tower.

Conclusion: The Ruined Kings Round Tower is more than a 3D printed terrain; it's a canvas for tales of power, ambition, and the inevitable tests of time. Dive deep into narratives of royal dynasties, and let every game resonate with tales of round towers and their fates.

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