Product Description

This terrain set comes with the following pieces:

  • two 2-story ruined living quarters
  • one 3-story ruined living quarters
  • three single-level ruined living quarters
  • one single-level stone ruined quarters

The battleground has never looked so inviting for catastrophe and daring deeds. Presenting the Ruined Quarters, a comprehensive set of 14 3D printable ruined building sections. Designed to allow for maximum customization, this set provides the skeletal frameworks of structures long forgotten or recently devastated. Either way, they serve as a dynamic setting for tabletop wargames and role-playing games alike.

Artistic Details:
Each section is uniquely crafted, showcasing shattered walls, crumbling pillars, and hollowed-out interiors that invite exploration or serve as tactical chokepoints. The aesthetic blends seamlessly with other ruin-themed sets like Rickety Lodgings, Burgomeisters Office, and the Mayor’s Townhouse. But the Ruined Quarters can also stand alone as remnants of a once vibrant city, now left to the ravages of time or conflict.

Mechanics & Gameplay:
The Ruined Quarters offer multi-level tactical opportunities. Paired with complementary sets like the Gangways, Stairs, and Ladders, as well as the Scaffolding and Support Columns, these ruins become a labyrinthine maze of ambush points, sniper nests, and hideaways. This architectural jigsaw serves both the tactician and the story-teller, allowing for a gamut of complex maneuvers and narrative twists.

Scale & Compatibility:
Designed for use with 28-32mm miniatures, the scale ensures that players can move their figures around with ease, whether they're crawling through a debris-strewn hallway or scaling a shattered wall. The modularity and compatibility with other sets mean that you can easily expand your cityscape as your campaign grows in scope.

Narrative Potential:
What caused the destruction that befell these quarters? Was it a natural disaster, a rampaging army, or some arcane explosion? The Ruined Quarters offers a setting ripe for storytelling, be it a post-apocalyptic scavenger hunt, the last stand against an undead horde, or the epicenter of a magic cataclysm.

With the Ruined Quarters set, the only limitation is your imagination. Players will find themselves engaged both tactically and narratively as they navigate through a layered landscape of potential threats and unexpected discoveries. Whether used as an expansion to existing ruined sets or as the cornerstone of a new apocalyptic setting, the Ruined Quarters is a versatile and invaluable addition to any gaming table.

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