Product Description

The Scrap Yard is a large terrain set that includes the following 25 pieces:

  • four scrap yard cars and one stack of scrapped cars
  • two sand bag walls
  • five scrap yard fences
  • two shipping containers
  • scrap yard house 
  • scrap yard house roof
  • scrap yard house door
  • scrap yard trash container
  • scrap yard toilet
  • ruined vending machine
  • pile of discarded tires
  • ruined ammo crate
  • scrap yard coffin
  • pile of discarded barrels
  • ruined fuel tank

The Scrapyard: Where Desolation Meets Imagination

Theme & Setting:
Venture into The Scrapyard, a place where remnants of the old world meld with the grit of the new. In this intricate set, every building, shipping container, and car wreck has a tale to tell, serving as the perfect backdrop for thrilling adventures in post apocalyptic and sci-fi realms.

Material & Paintability:
Crafted with precision using top-quality PLA filament, each element of this kit captures the essence of a world reshaped by time and events. Enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity to bring these pieces to life with paint, emphasizing the rust on the shipping containers, the hazardous contents of the toxic drums, or the wear and tear on the car wrecks.

Assembly & Unique Features:
While the derelict building stands as a testament to a time gone by, the accompanying fences provide an added layer of realism and protection against unwanted intruders. The versatile tires can be strategically placed for cover, while the skip bin hints at attempts to salvage and rebuild. Amidst this wasteland, the toxic drums warn of dangers that still lurk, and the desolate car wrecks echo tales of escape and survival.

Perfectly suited for both roleplaying game enthusiasts and strategic thinkers in miniature wargames, The Scrapyard integrates seamlessly with beloved games such as Fallout Wasteland Warfare, This is Not a Test, and Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Imagine a standoff amidst the shadows of the shipping containers, or a stealth mission to secure valuable resources from the building. Whether you're orchestrating a high-stakes chase or plotting a character's journey through the wasteland, The Scrapyard enriches every narrative with its detailed atmosphere. Traverse this desolate landscape, and let the relics of the past fuel your stories of the future.

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