Product Description

Printed in a single piece, this terrain set comes with:

  • one Shadow Throne

Unveil the secrets of the enigmatic Shadow King as you incorporate The Shadow Throne into your miniature wargames and roleplaying games. Designed to captivate and inspire, this standalone piece is more than mere scatter terrain; it's a storyline unto itself, waiting to be discovered.

Crafted with premium PLA filament using advanced FDM technology, this terrain piece boasts an astonishing level of detail. From the eerily lifelike skeletal wings to the intricate design of the bat-like appendages, each feature is meticulously rendered to pull you deeper into the fantasy realm.

The high-definition texture not only adds visual complexity but also makes it an artist's dream canvas. With its easily paintable surface, you can customize The Shadow Throne to fit seamlessly into your unique game setting. Give life to the inanimate with your choice of hues and finishes.

Whether you're battling it out in Age of Sigmar, engaging in skirmishes in Warhammer Fantasy, delving into dungeons in Dungeons and Dragons, exploring new paths in Pathfinder, freezing your way through Frostgrave, strategizing in Conquest, immersing yourself in A Song of Ice and Fire, answering the Skyrim - Call to Arms, or powering up in Warmachine and Hordes, The Shadow Throne serves as an iconic addition to your playset.

Bring a legendary aesthetic to your 3D printed terrain with The Shadow Throne, and let every game you play be an epic tale waiting to unfold.

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