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The Tower of Insanity stands as a towering labyrinth of broken walls, dilapidated floors, and an eerie sense of disquiet. This large, 3D-printable terrain set is perfect for both wargaming and role-playing scenarios, setting the stage for high-stakes skirmishes, gritty storytelling, and epic confrontations in a chaotic, multi-level environment.


  • Multi-level Gameplay: With its multiple floors and access points, the Tower of Insanity offers a complex battleground that invites strategic planning and tactical precision.

  • Modular Design: Using a modular ruins system, the set allows for a variety of configurations, making each game a unique experience. Create different levels of ruins from a complete tower to shattered remnants.

  • Easy Mini Placement: The broken walls and open spaces are designed to facilitate the easy placement and movement of miniatures.

  • Cover & Combat: The varied elements of the tower provide multiple opportunities for cover and ambush, adding another layer of excitement to your games.

Gameplay Implications:

  • Strategic Complexity: Players must think on multiple axes, considering verticality when positioning themselves for combat or defense.

  • Dynamic Encounters: The Tower's crumbling walls and exposed floors make for a fast-paced and unpredictable combat scenario.

  • Narrative Depth: This eerie, crumbling tower could have once been a bastion of knowledge, a mage's solitude, or a cursed fortress. The setting lends itself to a multitude of storytelling possibilities.


Given its modular nature, the Tower of Insanity is versatile in its assembly. It employs the modular ruins system, making it possible to stack, rearrange, and modify the structure to fit your unique gaming needs.

Setting the Scene:

Whether you're imagining a scene from a dark fantasy epic or setting the stage for a historical siege, the Tower of Insanity provides a grand, yet broken edifice that can serve as a focal point for your gaming sessions. It's equally at home in a war-torn landscape as it is in the heart of a haunted wilderness.

Final Thoughts:

The Tower of Insanity offers an ideal blend of strategic gameplay and immersive storytelling elements. Its detailed design, open structure, and modular capabilities make it a versatile addition to any tabletop battlefield or RPG campaign. Enter if you dare, for in the Tower of Insanity, every choice could be your last.

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