Product Description

The Wilderwood Circle: A Whimsical Forest Gateway

Material & Detail Level: Crafted with the precision of high-grade PLA filament, The Wilderwood Circle exemplifies mastery in 3D printing. Every tree, from its bark texture to its sprawling branches, resonates with life-like detail, instantly transporting you to a magical forest setting.

Paintability: The Wilderwood Circle invites you to add your splash of creativity. With removable foliage that perches gracefully atop the branches, you're given the freedom to paint vibrant hues of nature, creating an ethereal forest landscape that complements your gaming narrative.

Assembly: Ease of use remains paramount. While the trees stand tall and proud, the foliage is designed for simple placement and removal. This modular approach allows for dynamic gameplay setups and easy storage.

Compatibility: Tailored for the true roleplaying game aficionado, The Wilderwood Circle seamlessly fits into games like Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, Conquest, A Song of Ice and Fire, Skyrim - Call to Arms, and Warmachine and Hordes. Elevate your gaming sessions by introducing this lush, fantasy-themed terrain piece.

Theme & Unique Features: Step into the mystical embrace of The Wilderwood Circle. Comprising three majestic trees that form a glade opening, this set provides a natural sanctuary, an oasis amidst battlefields and adventures. The circle evokes tales of secret meetings, enchanted rituals, or a brief respite for weary travelers.

Engross in immersive tales as you position your miniatures within this enchanting circle, where nature meets fantasy. The Wilderwood Circle isn't just a terrain piece; it's the heart of countless stories waiting to unfold.

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